1. Week 9 - NY Giants vs. NE Patriots

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    The Giants Travel to Gillette Stadium

    *Remember to set your clock back 1 hour before you go to bed on Saturday*
    Tomorrow at 1:15pm PST, the start of the DIFFICULT second half of the 2011 NFL season begins for the New York Football Giants. There is something totally different about this 2011 squad than previous seasons - and I can’t put a finger on it, but I sense they are more competitive than previous squads in my opinion. Sure, the squad is battling through early season injuries, but they are winning. Is this the squad that breaks the trend for second half of the football seasons short comings? Let’s hope so…

    Eli is willing the team to Wins

    One thing that a lot New York Giants fans have been noticing this year that is a lot different is that Eli Manning is playing a lot smarter. For example last year when the New York Giants lost to the Tennessee Titans, you may recall a play in the redzone (Coach Coughlin “Green Zone”)where Eli went through his progressions and checked down on his receivers, his protection was busted and he panicked. The result of the play was Eli throwing a pass with his left hand that was intercepted, etc. This season, Eli has stayed true to his word in protecting the football and being smart with his decisions. Last week, you may recall a redzone play where Eli threw the ball into the stands, I saw it first hand and at first was critical of it, but looking back he made the best of the situation. Eli didnt get the sack, didnt get the INT, INSTEAD Eli allowed for the team to put 3 pts on the board (you always have to move forward and post points on your offensive drives). Sunday, Eli is probably not going to have Hakeem Nicks (hamstring injury)and Bradshaw (broken foot but might play) will have a backup/bench role meaning that Jacobs will be the starter taking the bulk of the snaps.This is huge in that Eli will be without one of his best (if not the best)receivers and the most productive running backs.

    Jacobs needs to show not just good productivity in the run game, but more importantly SMART pass protection for Eli. Something that I want to see is a Patriots LB come in on blitz and get owned by Jacobs as he identifies the play and adjusts to picks up the blitz.

    The Giants D vs. The Brady Bunch

    It’s okay to be a nervous New York Giants fan on Sunday, but don’t write off the game and feel that Brady, Wes Welker (Bommarito Performance athlete), and the TE’s are going to destroy the New York Giants. Let’s remember that the Buffalo Bills defeated the Patriots and recently the Steelers embarrassed Brady. Jason Pierre Paul (Bommarito Performance athlete) might not play due to a concussion. Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, Joseph, Canty (as I like to call them the “Bad Fellas Renaissance”) are all expected to line up and cause havoc to the Patriots O line.

    NY Giants Secondary Have a lot to Prove

    Michael Boley has to step up his game on Sunday as does the rest of the New York Giants secondary. The matchup to keep an eye on is Antrel Rolle and Aaron Ross vs. Wes Welker. The other is seeing how smart and complete physical play Kenny Phillips(Bommarito Performance athlete) will deliver as there is no room for error and missed tackles with the Patriots TE’s (particularly Hernandez who has a talent for gaining yards after the catch).

    Hope EVERYONE can make it to Ace’s for this game!